Candidates & Propositions

U.S. Senate: Kyrsten Sinema

U.S. House (CD 8): Hiral Tipirneni


Governor: David Garcia

Secretary of State: Katie Hobbs

Attorney General: January Contreras

State Treasurer: Mark Manoil

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Kathy Hoffman

Corporation Commission (Vote for 2): Sandra Kennedy  Kiana Sears

State Mine Inspector: William “Bill” Pierce

Maricopa County

Clerk of the Superior Court: Roberta Neil Miller

Legislative District 21

State Senate: Kathy Knecht

State Representative (Vote for Both): Bradley Hughes   Gilbert Romero

Legislative District 22

State Representatives (Vote for Both): Valerie Harris   Teri Sarmiento


Maricopa County Community Colleges Board: Roc Arnett Stan Arterberry

Peoria Unified School District Governing Board (Vote for 2): Dr. Michael Gard  Cory Underhill   Davita Solter

Deer Valley Unified School District Governing Board (Vote for 2): Jennie Paperman  Matt Dennis


Clint Bolick: Vote NO

John Pelander: Vote NO

Both threw out Invest in Ed and Outlaw Dirty Money

Peter Swann – Yes

Arthur Anderson – Yes

Alison Bachus – No

Janet Barton – Yes

Cynthia Bailey – No

Dawn Bergin – Yes

Michael Blair – No

Mark Brain – No

Roger Brodman – No

Gregory Como – No

Katherine Cooper – No

Janice Crawford – No

Kristin Culbertson – No

David Cunanan – No

Sally Schneider Duncan – Yes

Dean Fink – Yes

Geoffrey Fish – No

George Foster – No

Dewain Fox – Yes

Warren Granville – Yes

Jennifer Green – No

Hugh Hegyi – Yes

Michael Herrod – No

Stephen Hopkins – No

Ronee Korbin Steiner – No

Joseph Kreamer – Yes

Kerstin LeMaire – No

Daniel Martin – Yes

Frank Moskowitz – No

Rosa Mroz – Yes

Samuel Myers – Yes

Erom Ptos – No

Susanna Pineda – Yes

Jay Polk – No

John Rea – Yes

Laura Reckart – No

Joshua Rogers – No

Jeffrey Rueter – No

Jennifer Ryan-Touhill – No

Joan Sinclair – Yes

James Smith – No

Howard Sukenic – No

Pamela Svoboda – No

Danielle Viola – No

Randall Warner – Yes

Joseph Welty – Yes

Roy (Chuck) Whitehead – Yes

Central Arizona Water Conservation District

Lisa Atkins

Terry Goddard

Heather Macre

Daniel Schweiker


Prop 125 Save Public Retirement System: Vote NO 

AZ legislature should not change retiree benefits, after the fact, to line legislators’ pockets.

Prop 126 Protect Arizona Taxpayer Act: Vote NO 

AZ education, infrastructure, etc., suffers from 25 years of tax cuts. It is more important to support these critical measures of state success than pay a small tax.

Prop 127 Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona: Vote YES  

APS made $488 million last year and is fighting this measure. It requires energy companies to switch to 50% renewable energy by 2030, creates thousands of jobs, and lowers bills.

Prop 305 Save our Schools: Vote NO 

Proposes massive expansion of an unaccountable charter/private school voucher program that takes money away from public schools with no accountability for schools that use the vouchers.

Prop 306 Clean Elections, Unlawful Contributions and Rulemaking: Vote NO

Weakens our Clean Elections Commission by giving rulemaking and enforcement authority to a politically appointed body.